Hi, I'm Jiayi! 

I'm a New York City native, and I recently graduated from Boston University's College of Fine Arts with a BFA in Graphic Design with a minor in Arts Leadership. 

I'm interested in branding, social media content creation, and art direction. 

Check out my resume here, shoot me an email at jiayima@bu.edu, hear more from me on Medium, or connect with me on LinkedIn

I've interned at NBCUniversal, BU Public Relations, Massachusetts Department of Transportation, and was a social media content creator for Adobe, Amazon, and Abercrombie. 

Outside of design, my interests include:

  • Painting, especially gouache & oil
  • Making popcorn flavors at home (my favorite of the week is sriracha honey)
  • At home nails (currently practicing powder dip)
  • Gymnastics, Bon Appetit Videos, Brooklyn 99 and Animal Crossing 

Thanks for scrolling! Let's chat!


Phone: 646-895-3692
Email: jiayima@bu.edu
Instagram: @jiayikma
Medium: @jiayima

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