Hi! I'm Jiayi, a digital designer passionate about bringing brands to life and creating experiences. ?✨

Motion, Social Media, Animation, Graphic Design

As the Social Media Graphic Design Intern, I designed graphics, animations, seasonal assets shared across all of BU's social channels and touchpoints, including Facebook and Instagram.

Brand Identity, Visual Communications, Graphic Design

As a Corporate Communications Design Intern, I created internal communications distributed across all NBCU employee touchpoints, on the internal website, digital screens across all domestic and international offices, and on the company channel. I also worked on a series of projects focused on employee engagement and health and wellness.

Motion Graphics, Typography, Illustration

30 Days of Motion in Quarantine

A exploration series of motion graphics, illustration and LottieFiles animation in After Effects.

Brand Identity, UI/UX, Product Design, Prototyping, Graphic Design


Created in 46 hours over Zoom for the Adobe x Netflix Creative Jam with two friends.

Remo⁠—derived from remote⁠—serves to REcapture lost MOments by enhancing the experience of watching shows and movies together virtually. The web app addresses the critical need to connect and share on varying levels of community.

Brand Identity, UI/UX, Motion, Web Design, Print, Digital

BFA Thesis Branding

My roommates and I were chosen to brand BU's Senior Thesis Show on campus and spearheaded the transition into a virtual exhibition. 

We created a brand system, extensive print, and digital collateral, and designed an experiential website. To commemorate the special moment with our peers across the world, we also created a package to be sent to graduating seniors.

Exhibition, Motion, Print, Editorial, Photography

An installation drawing humor from treating ourselves and the human body as brands and logos. 

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