A clickthrough of our prototype. 





Final Prototype:

46 hours, June 2020


Wireframing and Prototyping


Jay Li & Angie Wijaya

Interactive Protoype

Adobe x Netflix Creative Jam


The Challenge

Adobe Creative Jams are 2-day designathons where teams identify solutions to a brief and create a prototype with Adobe CC. Out of over 950 teams and 650 submissions, we were chosen as one of 10 finalists to present to a panel of judges. 

By focusing on how Netflix invests in creating and giving a platform to stories that connect people and cultures around the world.  Design a third-party-website where communities can celebrate shared stories together through communal and authentic experiences.  

Our Solution & Concept

Remo⁠—derived from remote⁠—serves to REcapture lost MOments by enhancing the experience of watching shows and movies together virtually. The web app addresses the critical need to connect and share on varying levels of community through three main features: rePlug, Parties, and moFeeds.

Behind the Scenes


Created with Jay Li and Angie Wijaya over Facebook Messenger and Adobe XD from 3 different states. Team 808 was named reminiscing of our late nights at 808 Commonwealth, our design studio at Boston University.

On the left, you can see our big plan. 


After analyzing our personal needs and creating personas to understand the user needs, we surveyed 63 individuals about their viewing habits and their opinions on 6 potential features. The survey user-validated different features to include in the final prototype. From these users, we found a group of users to interview and share feedback after testing our prototype before submission. 


Wireframing & Designing


We created user flows, use cases and low fidelity wireframes in Invision.


Prototyping & Iterating


Clickable Protoype

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