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Social Media Graphic Design Intern

BU Public Relations

September 2019—May 2020

Boston, MA 

BU Public Relations

BU Public Relations (PR Social) represents Boston University and tells the BU Terrier Story across a multitude of social channels, including Instagram, Twitter, Buzzfeed, Facebook, Medium, Snapchat, WeChat, and Weibo. As the Social Media Graphic Design Intern, I worked on a collaborative team of creatives focused on content creation. 


BU 2020 Graduation

I created @bostonu's first official Instagram Face Filters to celebrate the Class of 2020, launching May 14th.

The left filter accumulated 55.4k impressions over 2 months, and the right filter accumulated 58.7k impressions over 2 months. 

Best Pizza On Campus (Not design but still a highlight!)

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